Is Influex Your DREAM TEAM For Infinite ROI? Discover For Yourself By Booking Your CEO Creative Consult

“I’m so happy with the result… if you can’t ROI 10X what tiny bit he charges to do this, then you should just quit and do something else cause he does such great work, and the process is so perfect.”

Roland Frasier,

Serial Entrepreneur, Principle at
Digital Marketer and War Room

Hey, Dmitriy Kozlov here…

CEO (Chief Expression Officer) and Founder at Influex.

I’m grateful you found us (probably from seeing our work) and made it to this page.

My guess is that means that you’re ready to amplify your influence and authority with a beautiful brand site that truly expresses who you are… and you’re ready to see how my team and I can get your online brand image there like we’ve done for the top influencers in the personal development and business space.

Industry Influencers and top brands like…

Alex Moscow
Alexis Neely
David Bach
Alyse Parker
Frank Kern
Jeff Walker
Roland frasier
Jennifer Hudye
Joe Polish
Jules Schroeder
Kathrin Zenkina
Ken Wilber
Mike Dillard
Mike Koenigs
Dan Lok
Ryan Deiss

We’re just as selective with our clients as you are with who you trust with your online image. It's important that you and I are both fully confident that your relationship with Influex will create exponential value and that we'll both LOVE working together.

Before we even consider embarking on a multi-month journey together with a multiple five-figure investment, let's start with an hour and a few hundred dollars...


The BEST way to discover if you can trust us as your DREAM TEAM
for Infinite ROI (Return On Influex) ISN'T just by looking through the 200+ Iconic Brands & World-Class Websites We've Created Over The Years...

It's to EXPERIENCE it for yourself directly on a "CEO Clarity Creative Consult"
(at a first-time-only special rate with a guaranteed 10X ROI)

We'll embark on our Essence Extraction process, and then you'll get brain on your brand. We may even start to map out your Site Strategy, massage your messaging, or upgrade your offers in the process. 

My CEO Clarity Consulting rate is $1800 per hour and easily worth a 10X ROI for the level of clients we serve. Your first CEO Creative Clarity Consult will be special rate of $600 (67% off), applied as a deposit if we move forward, and fully refundable (if you don't receive a 10X ROI from our time together). 

The purpose of this call is for us to get a clear picture of where you’re at with your current online positioning, brand image, websites, and messaging, where you want to go, and for us build a bridge of how you’re going to get there. We may even do an audit of your current site (so make sure to have it ready).

There are only 3 possible outcomes of this Creative Clarity Consult…


You will get a lot of value from the Creative Clarity Consult and you’ll want to hire our team for further creative vision and implementation.


You will get a lot of value from the Creative Clarity Consult, and you’ll want to implement on your
(with your in-house team or with another agency).

You will save tons of money (at least 10x more than the nominal consultation fee) on
implementation because you’ll have the Clarity and our resources on Strategy, Style and Structure for your site (yes, we’re happy to send you our internal processes, even if we don’t work together).


You won’t find the Creative Clarity Consult valuable (this is highly unlikely and hasn’t happened yet).
If so, worst case is that while we can’t give you back your time we’ll immediately refund your deposit and we’ll simply know that we just aren’t aligned.

You might be asking yourself a few questions right now…

I’ve answered them below. I encourage you to read each one to get the most from our Alignment Assessment (click each question to read the answer).

A: This is not a sales call. You’re actually receiving a (risk-free) Alignment Assessment where we will get a clear picture of where you’re at with your current online positioning, brand image, websites, and messaging, where you want to go, and we’ll build a bridge of how you’re going to get there. We may even do an audit of your current site (so make sure to have it ready). After this call, you’ll not only receive Clarity on exactly what needs to happen with your websites, we’ll also both know if we’re an aligned fit to work together. Influex is a highly boutique creative design agency. We’re very selective of who we bring on as agency clients (and we only onboard 2 – 3 new clients per month), so please make sure to read the “Who Influex Is For” if you’re interested in our done-for-you solutions. Discover more below on what we can cover on this Alignment Assessment.

“Influex rocks it with professional service, great design, and a quick turnaround. They really “get” online marketing.”

Mike Dillard

A: We’ll assess where you’re currently at with your online image, and we’ll build the vision of a site that truly expresses your essence and amplifies your influence. We can cover any of these topics, whatever we discover is most valuable to your right now…
  • Audit your current website(s) for immediate improvements (or a complete overhaul) to stop leaking leads and opportunities… so you have instant ROI you can implement whether or not we work together. 
  • Gain clarity on your brand triangle: your Personal Brand, your Company Brand, and your Product Brand(s) – and what to do for each when it comes to your websites (just like we’ve done for top marketers like Ryan Deiss and Roland Frasier with War Room Mastermind, Joe Polish with Genius Network, and many others).
  • Creatively Consult on your naming and messaging (product brands, company brand, memorable marketing messaging, and more)…
  • If you choose to implement on your own (without hiring Influex), we’ll cover who you’ll need on your team and how to work with them for the best results (we won’t be offended, we’re not for everyone and typically have a waiting list).
  • Online marketing strategy around your site (while your site is the center of your online universe, it’s not a lonely island, and fits into a larger integrated marketing strategy). We’ve been around the online marketing space for the past decade working closely with the top experts.
  • Your style, your essence, and your core message… and how to express all of that online, authentically, while building your authority.
  • Tech talk… We’re happy to guide you through key technology decisions when it comes to your sites to ensure you have a solid technology foundation for your growth (if you hire us, of course we set it all up with our top tested tech stack).
Of course, we can’t cover ALL of this in one hour… so we’ll start with wherever is the most immediately valuable for you right now, and you’ll have a taste of how we work together.

“Influex made the process effortless and fun. I love my new site and what it does for my business. I highly recommend them for any entrepreneur, influencer, or executive.”

Ryan Deiss

You’re an ideal fit if…

  • Your company has annual revenues of 7, multiple 7, or 8 figures and on a strong growth trajectory. 
  • You already have a clear product or service offering that sells well and produces results for your clients, with a great reputation in your industry.
  • You have a meaningful mission that we can get behind as your Dream Team!
  • You understand the importance of building your online image (as an authentic expression of your essence) – and you want to stand out
  • You are inspired by the work in our portfolio and you value branding and intentional design
  • Your business can achieve a significant ROI from having an Iconic Brand & World-Class Website that connects and converts. 

You’re not a fit if…

  • You are just starting out and don’t have a clear product vision or proven track record. 
  • You are generating less than $500k in gross annual revenue (or aren’t funded)
  • You are expecting this site to instantly make your business successful, even if you’re not currently generating significant online profits
  • You don’t vibe with our portfolio
  • You don’t value intentional design and messaging on your website, and branding is an afterthought. 
  • You want to represent yourself online as something different than you are (we are committed to Authentic Authority)
  • You just want a single landing page designed or optimized (we mainly focus on comprehensive projects and/or long term relationships)
  • You aren’t willing to or able to invest in your brand (our full service Iconic Identity Branding starts at 2 payments of 15k)

*If our packages don't fit your brand's budget right now, I'm still happy to show up fully to our Creative Clarity Consult to help architect a site vision and plan that will save you thousands of dollars on implementation.

“I’ve been working with Dmitriy and his team for the past several years and highly recommend working with them if you’ve got a visionary message or bigger impact you want to get out in the world.”

Yanik Silver

Founder of and

A: If we’re an aligned fit to work together after our Creative Clarity Consult, we’ll discuss which package is right for you (or put together a custom proposal). You'll make a deposit to secure your start date (we typically have a waiting list).

“I love these guys! They built me a stunning website.”

Frank Kern

A: Consider this Alignment Assessment as the start of our working relationship, in terms of both your time and your financial investment.

A: Yes, we’re happy to offer this one-time Alignment Assessment even if you know in advance you won’t hire us to implement. Just let me know that up front so we can focus our consulting with that awareness (depending on the skillset of your chosen team, that may change strategies we propose). If you’d like further Creative Clarity Consulting after this session, you can purchase a block of 5 consulting hours for $3000.

“When people see your site, you’ll look like a rockstar and people will want to work with you immediately!”

Mike Koenigs

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“Dmitriy and his team are the most creative web designers available to Genius Network Members.”

Joe Polish

Founder of Genius Network

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